Sushma Karki beaten by her boyfriend in a restaurant (again)

In a latest rumor, Sushma Karki‘s boyfriend Niran has beaten the actress again in a public place. According to the report in an online magazine, the event occurred in a restaurant in Kathmandu.


sushma karki with niran shrestha boyfriend

On July 15 when Sushma and Niran had arrived for a snack in a restaurant in Putli Sadak. While in the restaurant they started having misunderstanding. When things went out of hand, Niran beat Sushma and went out of the restaurant.

Niran and Shusma has been living together for some time. Their relationship had broken previously and they had patched up less than a year earlier.

Last month, similar incident between Sushma and Niran was reported from Dharan. Although Sushma denied such incident in later date, such types of incidents are reported regularly.


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