Surabhi Bista doesn't want to marry a guy related to film industry

Last updated on January 4th, 2015 at 11:12 pm

At the time when the rumor of an affair with Vicky Malla is going on, Nepali actress Surabhi has told that they are only good friends and she is not having an affair with him. She added, she has no plans of marrying a person in film industry.

surabhi vicky and sanskriti

Surabhi Bista and Vicky Malla have debuted in Nepali movie industry in ‘Samaya’.

About her past affairs, Surabhi told that she had her first affair in 10th grade. The affair started after SLC exam and ended by the time the result was announced. The second affair in college also didn’t last long. Surabhi added, the males in the film industry can’t handle her so, she is planning to marry a person not related to the industry.

About hot scenes in her debut movie, Surabhi told that the hottest scene was between Vicky and another actress, Sanskriti. The censor board had also objected the scene between Vicky and Sanskriti.

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