Biography of Surabhi Jain (Bista), Samaya actress biography

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Update – Surabhi is ‘Surabhi Jain’ and she added Bista, her mother’s last name to feel at home in the Nepali movie industry. Later she realized that two last names had created confusions. Surabhi told us that she will drop ‘Bista’ and start using ‘Jain’ as her last name.

Actress Surabhi Jain (Bista) is a new face in Nepali movie industry. She is debuting in the movie ‘Samaya’ to release on February 1, 2013. Surabhi is born to Nepali and Indian parents. Her father Chattra Singh Jain is an Indian national and Mother Sita Bista is Nepali.

samaya - surabhi bista and vicky malla

Education – Surabhi did her SLC from Suryodaya school. She joined WhiteHouse College for grades eleven and twelve. She studied up to the 2nd semester of BBA in WhiteHouse and then went to UK to complete her Bachelor’s Degree. Surabhi is a good student and and was one of the best students in college. After the completion of her bachelor degree, she enrolled into ACCA program to become a chartered accountant and came to Nepal for a visit. But, when she got an opportunity to work in ‘Samaya’, Surabhi canceled the return ticket.

‘Samaya’ the debut movie – With Surabhi her opposite, Vicky Mall, will also debut in Nepali movie industry. Vicky Malla is the elder son of actress Mausami Malla. Mausami is also one of the actress in the movie and she is also its producer. Although the movie is produced by his mother, Vicky has been featured in a lot of bed scenes and kiss scenes with Surabhi Bista. Insiders have told that Surabhi has opened up a lot in in her debut role.

After finishing the first movie, one of Surabhi’s statements was very controversial. In an interview she told that she was worried about not being able to find a good spouse because of excessive rumors in the movie industry.

Actress Profile

  • Name – Surabhi Bista
  • Birthday – October 31
  • Debut Movie – Samaya (2013)
  • Education – BBA


  • Samaya (2013)
  • Nari (Documentary film)
  • Nagbeli (announced)

Hot Photos of Surabhi Bista

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Photo credit – Surabhi Bista and Samaya team

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  1. Surabhi Jain is a beautiful actress.and i hope she will be the successful actress also in future.I wish her all the best.

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