Sweta Khadka talks to BBC for the first time after Shree Krishna death

For the first time in six months after the death of her husband, actress Sweta Khadka has talked to BBC Nepali. In an emotional interview, Sweta told how she is coping with the grief.

Video of Sweta talking

Sweta told that Shree Krishna wasn’t well during their marriage and she started living in hospital with Shree Krishna two days after the marriage until his death. After the death of Shree Krishna, Sweta was in a deep grieving that lasted for about four months. In those four months she was in semi-conscious state. In the interview, Sweta told that it has only been a couple of months she has started taking care of herself.

sweta khadka talks to public

Because of lying in bed for four months, Sweta developed back pain. She is currently undergoing the treatment and and resting. She is hopeful to start working in near future.

In addition to the interview, she had also spoken to the Nepali audience in Malaysia (video above).

We, at Nepaliactress.com, are sympathetic to Sweta and hope she gets over the grieving and start living a normal life.

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