2069 year in review – Top 8 Scandals of Jiya KC

Scandals and Nepali actress Jiya KC has gone together in the year 2069. There is nothing to talk about her acting talents but, there are a lot to talk about her affairs, sex scandals and vulgarity in movies.

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Here are the top 8 scandals involving Jiya KC:

  • Rumors of relationship with the director Dipak Shrestha.
  • Vulgar dialogues and scenes in the movie ‘ATM’.
  • Lesbian photo session with co-actor Sonia Sharma was also talked about a lot the the industry.
  • Affair with actor Bhuwan KC and Jiya’s interest to marry him. Buhwan however backed away from the relationship.
  • Jiya KC was ridiculed on a statement that she is still a virgin.
  • A poster of her upcoming movie by director Dipak Shrestha was designed by adding her face to the poster of a Bollywood movie, ‘Mallika’.
  • Jiya’s upcoming movie, ‘Barbad’ was rejected by the Censor Board stating that the movie is the extremely vulgar.

This post is a part of "2069 year in review – 6 Most talked about actresses". Jiya was ranked in No. 5 in the most talked about actresses in the year 2069.

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