I am still a virgin – Actress Jiya KC

The actress known for vulgar dialogue and hot scenes in ‘ATM’ has continued the ‘hot’ imaged in her other movies too. Once, she was also linked to Bhuwan KC and rumored about marrying him. But, the Jiya KC affair has apparently ended and Bhuwan seem to be dating another girl, Ashika Tamang.

jiya kc

In the interview, Jiya has talked a lot about sex and the sexual relationship. She has also told that a Nepali girl should not have sexual relationship before marriage. The statement of another actress, Sumina Ghimire about not being virgin and Jiya being virgin was published in the same issue of Kamana monthly.

Given her relationship with Bhuwan and others, the general public don’t believe on Jiya’s statement. Read the following interview and post a comment on what do you think of Jiya KC.

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