Actress Ranjana Sharma to marry for green card?

Actress Ranjana Sharma had gone to the USA to participate in a cultural program and didn’t return back, leaving her husband director Shyam Bhattarai. It wasn’t the first time Ranjana and Shyam separated. After a divorce the couple had reunited and were living together before Ranjana left for the USA.

ranjana sharma in usa

Ranjana Sharma posing in a beach in the USA

In a latest report, Ranjana’s attempt to get a Green Card wasn’t successful so, she is getting married to an US citizen to get a document that allows her to stay in the USA. In a report Ranjana and Shyam Bhattarai have decided to part their ways and live their own lives. Shyam is reportedly preparing to get married to another girl himself. Some time earlier, in an interview to a daily, Saurya Daily, Shyam Bhattarai had expressed sadness that Ranjana has left him alone.

Whatever may be the case, our best wishes to Shyam and Ranjana for their new lives.

shyam bhattarai smoking

Director Shyam Bhattarai smoking Hookah in Fresh Foodland restaurant, Dillibazar, Kalikasthan

Photo credits – Shyam Bhattarai and Ranjana Sharma

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