Actress Usha Poudel's lesson from Mumbai

It has been about three years Nepali actress Usha Poudel had been struggling and making a career in Mumbai. She left Nepal after the completion of the shooting of Nepali movie ‘Kasam’.


In the initial six months she struggle learning Hindi language and appeared in numerous auditions. Usha says, the struggle taught her to work hard and being professional.

Usha landed in a Hindi movie too but TV got her going. She has acted in some television serials and she

Some of Nepali movie featuring Usha Poudel are Karma, Muna Madan, Godhuli, Jetho Kancho, Ram Laxman, Pyari Bahini, Krodh, Paledai, Dhamaka, Ranasangaram, Kasam, Maya Nagar and others. Talking about the motivation behind her Mumbai dream Usha says, "When I was in a program in Qatar the anchor addressed me as another Manisha Koirala. After that, I had been dreaming to make it big in Mumbai."

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