Anna Sharma Biography, Jerryy actress

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The ‘Jerryy’ debut actress Aana Sharma (Anna Sharma) has been successful in winning the hearts of Nepali movie goers by her beauty and acting skills. Based on her performance in the movie, she is destined to be one of the successful actresses in Nepali movie industry.

Anna is the daughter of choreographer Rachana Sharma. Apart from being co-star in the movie, Anmol and Aana are also good friends off-screen. Amilia Sharma, another actress in ‘Jerryy’ is also the sister of Aana.

Aana Sharma profile

  • Name – Ana Sharma
  • Age – 16 years (in 2014)
  • Education – ‘A’ Level
  • Acting debut – ‘Jerryy’

In ‘Jerryy’ Anna is featured as a simple girl who is interested in photography. She says, ‘I am interested to get involved in fashion business in future.” After positive response on her role in the movie she is also planning to get serious in acting. But, to choose a defenative career, she would wait till she finish her university degree.

anna sharma jerryy actress (2)

Photo – Anna Sharma with ‘Jerryy’ co-star Anmol KC.

We will be adding more information about the actress in coming days. For now, let’s see how she looks in the following photos.

Aana affair with Anmol KC and break up

Although neither Anmol nor Aana Sharma publicly admitted their affair, the relationship between them wasn’t a secret. They were seen together in their private functions. Anmol didn’t talk about her until after the break up. He told that they weren’t in relationship at all, but nobody is willing to buy his statement. Watch a video report:

Aana Sharma comeback

After two years of absence, Aana is making a comeback in ‘Gangster Blues’. The movie was announced in a May, 2016 press conference. Aana has signed in the movie agreeing that she won’t do any other movies until the release of the movie. That locks her in the movie for about one and a half years. (Read more about the movie in xnepali)

Watch a video report:

Hot photos of Aana Sharma

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anna sharma jerryy actress (1)

anna sharma jerryy actress (11)

Childhood photos of Anna:

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anna sharma jerryy actress (13)

anna sharma jerryy actress (18)

‘Jerryy’ scenes with Anmol KC:

anna sharma jerryy actress (3)

anna sharma jerryy actress (6)

anna sharma jerryy actress (7)

Choreographer Rachana Gurung Sharma with her daughters Amalia Sharma, Ahilya Rajika Sharma and Anna Sharma.

rachana gurung sharma with her daughters

Aana Sharma Biography Updates

December 10, 2014 — Anna’s profile and a paragraph after that about her future plans.
On May 8, 2016 – Aana Sharma signs ‘Ganster Blues’ – video update
breakup with Anmol KC video update.

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  1. hello m rojan. rai.. jerryy movies is awesome i like that… well best performance anmol kc and anna sharma… ..just keep it up guys…. !!

  2. m Shonish, I was struck at the acting and beauty of Anna and Anmol. I hope u will lead the nepali film industry to its height.

  3. its me …kunga … i am from mustang n thats u both take a wonderful view of our mustang …and thats so wonderful movie …i like it ..n i love u both anmol and anna neapli cutiest couple …..hehehe jerryy

  4. Its me..Anoo. I liked the movie “Jerry” so much.. and also, I found anmol and anna’s jodi amazing!

  5. Hi i am from sikkim n my name is ajay limbu and when i was frist time watching jerry movie at that time i don’t know who are you but finally i got a chance to know him .n both of you’re acting was so nice i hope so you are goes up

  6. Awsome job by new talents of Nepal Anna and Anmol , keep it up . and very congrats to Nepal flim industry for making nice movies like jerry , hostel , premgit, dreams , gajalu, pasupati Parsad, amazing work done by the people .. Wating to see more in future…

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