Archana Paneru says Jism is not her debut movie, Chhesko is (watch trailer)

Last updated on July 2nd, 2021 at 09:21 pm

The movie releasing on June 3, ‘Chhesko’ is going to be the debut movie of the controversial actress Archana Paneru. The actress who was all set to debut in ‘Jism’ has changed her mind. At the time the shooting of ‘Jism’ was complete, there was no information about ‘Chhesko’. But overnight, Archana is featured as the main character of the movie that was ready to release a year earlier.  (Read the details in xnepali)

Video report:

In an earlier report, actress Suvekshya Thapa had replace Archana Paneru‘s mom in the movie. Although Archana and her mom were not happy by the change, they apparently didn’t complain.  Archana became restless when the director Raju Giri started to increase the role of Suvekshya. Suvekeshya was also featured in one of the songs of the movie. In protest, Archana didn’t attend the shooting of the movie.

There was a report that Raju Giri had agreed to feature only Archana in the poster. That was seen in the first look poster – Suvekshya Thapa is not seen in the poster. But, Archana is still not happy by the movie and has told that she is going to block the release of the movie.

It is only for the sake of controversy for the promotion of the movie or if there is really a misunderstanding – things will surely be clear in coming days.

Chhesko Trailer is not available anymore.

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