Barsha Raut Happy Birthday (Dec 14)

Nepali actress Barsha Raut has turned 29 on December 14. Born in 1993 Barsha started as a music video model in the Nepali entertainment industry.

On her birthday, her husband Sanjog Koirala wrote:
“On your birthday, I fall short of words and wishes to shower you with, I wish you all the love and luck head your way and smile never leave your face. Through thick and thins always right by your side, wishing you happiness and prosperity and all the wonderful experience the world has to offer come your way. Happiest birthday Barsha Raut !!”

She was one of the most demanded models of the music video industry until she debuted in Nepali film industry in 2015.

In the year, 3 superhit movies of Barsha were released:
1 – Nai Nabhannu La 4
2 – Jatra
3 – Chhakka Panja
That was the debut hat-trick with 3 superhit movies in a row. That was a great start in the film industry. After that she was featured in Chhakka Panja 2 and Jatrai Jatra – both superhit movies.
In addition to that she had her share of flop movies too.

In 2019 Barsha got married to her long-time boyfriend Sanjog Koirala. Sanjog is also an actor featured in a number of movies including ‘Utsav’.

Here is the biography of the actress (prepared in 2020)

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