Sushma Karki bad words in TikTok live with Blind Date famed C Lu

Nepali actress Sushma Karki was on fire when she was in live with the Blind Date ex-winner, Shilu Pokharel. Sushma and Shilu were playing live game in Tiktok when Shilu’s statement talked about the past statements of Sushma. Popular as a model, Sushma came in limelight after she was featured in an item dance of superhit film ‘Loot’. The item number made her popular in Nepal and out of Nepal. She went to various parts all over the world to preform that show in state.

She had talked about her rate for such shows in one of the interviews. She had demanded 3-5 lakhs for the stage dances at that time. She had also stated the information in a number of her interviews. Shilu had made fun of Sushma referring that statement in the live video. That was how Sushma got very angry with Shilu and said bad words.

Sushma had been quite demanding in films and shows. Right before the pandemic, she had demanded Rs. 200K for an item dance. These days she has no films in her hand.

Sushma was featured in two sequels of movie series ‘Bindaas’. In the third sequel ‘Bindaas 3’ however Sushma was replaced by Suvekshya Thapa. In addition to her films, her love affairs had also been topic of various gossips. Her relationship with director Sudarshan Thapa and then affair and breakup with her boyfriends has been talked about but, her acting talent had never a topic of discussion.

These days Sushma Karki is free and she is usually found in TikTok live in daily basis. Sushma has always been in looking to create an issue whenever she can. Her online tussle with Pooja Sharma has been one of the most popular issue in gossip column. She also created a seen with actress Shweta Khadka in a hotel right after she got married with Bijyendra Singh Raut. That was at the time of the Valentine Day of 2021:

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