Bhai Tika of Nepali actresses, 2014

The festival of brothers and sisters, Bhai Tika was held on October 25, 2014. In the festival brothers and sisters share best wishes in their lives and exchange tika and gifts. The fun filled festival is also known for card games and foods and festivity.

Photo slideshow of Bhai Tika of Nepali celebrity:

Bhaitika is celebrated a day after Diwali or Deepawali festival (click for some highlights of Diwali of Nepali actresses). The festival of lights continues to Bhai Tika.

Historical photo of the bhaitika of actress Jharana Thapa when she was 9 years-old:

Jharana Thapa bhai Tika when she was 9

Mithila Sharma and Santu Tamang

Make up artists Santu Tamang had celebrated Bhai Tika with actresses like Karishma Manandhar and Mithila Sharma. Here are a couple of historical photo of Santu and Mithila Sharma and Santu and Karishma Manandhar during Bhai Tika:

santu tamang -and-mithila sharma bhaitika

Karishma manandhar and santu tamang

A more recent photo of make up artist Santu working on Mithila and posing with Karishma Manandhar (2013 photos):

santu tamang and mithila sharma make up atrist

shantu tamang with karishma manandhar 2013

Actress and singer Komal Oli also does Sister Tika (That was in 2013) in addition to Bhai Tika (meaning Brother Tika). Here are photos of Komal doing Bhai Tika and Sister Tika:

Komal oli sister tika

And, Bhai Tika:

komal oli bhai tika

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