Binita Baral becomes a farmer more than an actress, planning cow farming

The organic farming business of actress Binita Baral has been very successful lately. She started the framing in 3 ropani land in Tokha. Now, she has increased the area more than three folds to 10 ropani area.

binita baral sells organagic vegetable

In addition to farming, she has also started an organic shop in Samakhusi. She opens the shop at 7 AM and stays there till 10 AM. She returns at 5 PM and stays till 8 PM in the shop. She says that she enjoys dealing with the customers and is very happy in the success of her business.

bindi organic shop

For the first time in her life, Binita had worked in a farm in her own business a while ago. Binita’s farm produces cucumber, pumpkin, tomatos and other similar organic vegetables. She is also planting cauliflower for the upcoming Dashain festival.

Excited by the success of agriculture, Binita is planning to start cow farming. If everything goes as planned, Binita is planning to start business of cow milk.

Farmer Binita is sharp contrast to the hot image she tried to convey in the start of her career in the film industry.

binita baral hot image (2)

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