Binita Baral flying to the USA on August 30, MBA

Last updated on September 12th, 2015 at 09:54 am

Actress and agriculture business person Binita Baral is flying to the USA on August 30 to pursue MBA in Agriculture Business. In a Facebook post, Binita has told that she is studying the degree in scholarship in Herzing University. When we visited Herzing University website,, it redirects to Canadian domain. There is no information about the US academic programs in the Canadian website.

binita baral

We wrote about Binita’s  US travel earlier. We, at Nepaliactress, congratulate Binita for the opportunity and wish Binita complete the study in time and make progress in her agriculture business. Happy journey Binita !

Binita’s statement in Facebook:

“Got scholarship for MBA in Agriculture business at Herzing University, United states of America). Flying tomorrow wid lots of excitement and enthusiasm.. Will miss u Nepal.”

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3 thoughts on “Binita Baral flying to the USA on August 30, MBA

  1. ha there is no such thing as MBA in Agriculture Business. I did my MBA in USA and been living here for 5 years now. MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration.
    Masters in Business Administration in Agriculture Business haha really? doesn’t even make sense…this is classic. These Nepali actresses get famous with one movie then try to run to USA and make up nonsense to protect there iijat. I saw her movie and puked half way in felt like i was watching porn. I’ll stick with my indian movies for now

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