Now, Binita Baral turn to go to the USA

It seems everybody in the Nepali movie industry is going to the USA and very few are returning back. In a latest report, ‘Chapali Height’ actress Binita Baral is the next Nepali actress to go to the USA. Unlike other actresses who go to USA to participate in cultural programs, Binita is actually going there as a student.

binita baral to usa

Photo – Binita shows her US Visa with education consultant Ram Tandon Chhetri.

According to the consultant Ram Tandon Chhetri, Binita is going to study MBA in agriculture. Binita has told that she has also received scholarship to study the course.

For the past few years Binita had been a full-time farmer and had been running organic farming business with some partners.

binita baral in nepali dress

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  1. ani yesko buda Niranjan Pandey ni? Couldn’t sell sex In Nepal and going to America to sell it. USA ma strip clubs haru hunchan rey she’ll get a job there 🙂

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