Biography of Prechya Bajracharya, Jatra debut actress

A multi-talented personality, Prechya Bajracharya debuted as an atress in the November 11, 2016 release Nepali movie ‘Jatra’. The actress has established herself as a credible rap singer. An IT graduate, Prechya also likes painting, singing and lyrics writing.

Prekshya Bajracharya

In addition to doing cover songs and original songs, she also does video blogs in YouTube.

Prechya Bajracharya Profile

  • Name – Prechya Bajracharya
  • Nickname – Pari
  • Birthday – April 23
  • Education – B.Sc. IT (2015)
  • Schooling – Gems
  • Working in – Shike’s Studio (since 2015)

In ‘Jatra’ Prechya is featured as the girlfriend of the actor Rabindra Singh Baniya. Rabindra is also the producer of the movie.

Rap Battle singer Pari

In Rap world, Prechya is known as ‘Pari’. She has also won awards for her rap battles. In addition to rap songs, she has also done some covers of popular songs.

So far, Pari has also given voices to two original songs.

Thanka Painter Prechya Bajracharya

Prechya is also a Thanka painter. Being a daughter of a Thanka businessman, Prakash Ratna Bajrachaya, she has grown with Thanka painting. She has groomed herself as a very good Thanka painter.

Presonally, Prechya is a free and strong personality. Beautiful face and fit and proportional body are additional assets to her well-rounded personality.

Hot photos of Prechya Bajracharya



Attached are some of Prechya’s videos:

Song ‘Drishya’

Rap with Yama Buddha

Hello – Adele cover song

Pillow Talk – Zayn Malik

Thinking About You – Frank Ocean (Cover)

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