Bikini Photos of Pooja Sharma in Thailand

Nepali actress Pooja Sharma is currently in her Thailand tour. She has shared some bikini photos of her Phuket tour. She has also visited the James Bond Island. The island featured in a 1974 James Bond film is named James Bond Island after the release of the movie.

The 20 m tall rock island is like a mushroom with the diameter at water level 4 m and the that at the top 8 m. A video report:

Bikini photos of Pooja Sharma :







Thailand is one of the top destinations of Nepali artists. A number of movies were also shot in Thailand. Some of the movie shot in the country include ‘Facebook’ of Jharana Thapa, ‘Stupid Man’ of Niraj Baral. ‘Stupid Man’ was fully shot in Thailand (watch Full movie ‘Stupid Man’ here)

Superstar Rajesh Hamal and his wife Madhu Bhattarai had also visited Thailand a while ago. Some photos of the couple is made into a video:

Ex-prince Paras Shah had also lived in Thailand for a long time. He also had a Thai girlfriend until he returned back to Nepal last year.

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