Busy Busy … it is not easy being a Nepali actress !

Last updated on November 27th, 2014 at 08:35 pm

I might seem easy and fun to be a celebrity, every knows you, and it all seem like a lot of fun. But, the reality is not like that. The more popular you are, the more hard work you need to do to remain relevant. nisha adhikari Nepali actresses are not an exception on working hard. We got a glimpse on what it is like being celebrity in Nepal. We have copied the Facebook statuses of two actresses – Nisha Adhikari and Priyanka Karki. Both of them are rising superstars in Nepali film industry and they represent the new generation of actresses in the industry. nisha adhikari busy busy priyanka karki -- busy busy A while ago another actress, Reema Bishowkarma was also talking about her hectic days. reema bishowkarma - busy day These are only examples and we know they are not complaining. We also know that other actresses also are similarly busy in their works. Yes, it’s not easy being an actress!

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