Hot actress in cold, Richa or Priyanka ?

Last updated on June 20th, 2015 at 01:43 am

Nagarik news weekly publication, ‘Shukrabar’ published some photos of actress Richa Sharma‘s low cut dress. The articled titled ‘Trying to become hot in winter’ is a photo feature of the actress during the CG Kamana Film Awards ceremony.

Winter has already arrived in Kathmandu but, the actresses prefer to show off by wearing barely covering dresses.

richa sharma shukrabar

Richa’s dress-up might have been selected to attract media attention. But, Risha wasn’t alone in showing off with skimpy clothes in the cold evening. Actress Priyanka Karki was no less in terms of showing off her skin.

priyanka karki and karishma manandhar kamana film awrds

May be, the photographers of ‘Shukrabar’ didn’t notice Priyanka because she didn’t show off her cleavage. When we compare Priyanka to Richa, Priyanka had actually been more exposed to cold than Richa.

priyaka karki - kamana film award

Keki Adhikari, Benisha Hamal and Prakriti Shrestha had won the best Actress Awards in the Kamana Film Awards.

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