Dashain Special – Anita Acharya

Last updated on November 2nd, 2014 at 05:59 pm

Actress Anita Acharya has plans to enjoy the Dashain festival to the fullest. She is going to Dhulikhel to witness the beauty of the place.

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On the Dashain Tika day she takes tika from her elders and gets best wishes, enough to last the year. Anita also enjoys Dashain swings.

About animal sacrifice, Anita doesn’t like the killing of animal. She would be happy if Dashain could be made a purely vegetarian festival. Anita asks everybody not to torture an animal to enjoy the festival. Buddha, who was born in Nepal, had preached against killing of other living beings. We should follow the teaching of Buddha.

On the festival Anita wishes everybody a very happy Dashain and hopes Goddess Durga will fullfill everybody’s desire. She also wishes the country will peaceful and prosperous.

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