Did you know, Namrata Shrestha was a child actress in Sangini?

You might have heard that the popular and controversial actress, Namrata Shrestha debuted in Nepali movie industry in ‘Sano Sanasr’. But, that is not true. Namrata had started acting in her childhood days. Watch a new video report about 5 Nepali actresses who were also child artists in Nepali movies:

When Namrata appeared in the big screen, she was studying in grade 1. The movie Namrata debuted as an actress was also the debut movie of actress Deepa Shree Niarula. In the movie ‘Sangini’ Namrata is featured as a small child and has another girl a very close friend. In the movie, Namrata grows up to become the character played by Rekha Thapa, her friend grows up to become the character played by Deepa Shree Niraula.

Now, Namrata Shrestha is the award winning actress. Namrata has won all the film awards this year for her role in ‘Classic’. Deepa Shree Niraula debuted as a director of the very successful movie ‘Chhaka Panja’.

Some coincidences of “Sangini” and the success of the actresses in the movie:

  • The child actress, Namrata Shrestha, is the best actress of the year.
  • The character played by grown up Namrata – Rekha Thapa, directed a successful movie ‘Himmatwali’
  • Another acteress, Deepa Shree Niaraula is also a successful director directing ‘Chhaka Panja’
  • Rekha and Deepa Shree Niraula are the only two female directors who have directed commercially successful movies. The movies by other female directors were not successful commercially.

Watch ‘Sangini’ in xnepali.


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