Dog's Day – Dogs of Nepali actresses

On the occasion of Kukur Tihar, people worship dogs and let them have their favorite foods. The day is the representation of the saying, ‘Every dog has it’s day’. On the occasion, we have collected some photos of Nepali actresses.

Priyanka Karki owns a dog named Snowie. The cute little dog had also made it to a cover-page of a fashion magazine.

priyanka karki dog

Keki Adhikari missed the celebration of Kukur Tihar because of her shooting schedule.

keki adhikari with dog

keki adhikari dog dogs day

Namrata Sapkota is fond of dogs. She worshiped two dogs named Kale and Milka in Kukur Tihar. Milka is a cute little bulldog.

mika - namrata sapkota dognamrata sapkota with mika.

kale- namrata sapkota dog

Actress Karishma Manandhar owns two dogs named Funny and Cukee. In the following photo Karishma is seen playing with her dogs in her bed.

karishma manandhar with dogs

Binita Baral with her dog Puntey

binita baral dog

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