Facebook love and marriage of Reema Bishwokarma ended in 2 years, why?

Actress Reema Bishwokarma has divorced Robert BK after two years of marriage. Married in 2015, Robert and Reema were talking about the love affair that started in Facebook ended abruptly in two years. The news of their divorce was revealed when Robert got engaged with another model, Barsha Rasaily.

According to reports, Reema and Robert got divorced a few days before Robert got engaged with Barsha. In unconfirmed reports, Barsha and Robert had engaged on Friday, December 8, 2017 in Kathmandu. A day after the engagement, Robert returned back to UK. There is no details on when they are going to get married. In the meanwhile, Reema has confirmed the divorce in a statement she posted in Facebook. She has told that she is not in the condition to talk to journalists or anybody on the details related to the divorce. I have prepared a detailed video report on the case:

It seems like yesterday, Reema and Robert were so happy and they happily shared their love affair and their plan to get married. I had prepared a video report about Reema’s marriage in 2015. Now, after two years, the couple has separated.

Why did Reema divorce?

Neither Reema nor Robert has told anything about the divorce. They are not willing to talk about the issue. But, I think, it is related to distance, work and misunderstanding. Here are some of the issues that might have led to divorce:

  • Decision in hurry – I think, Robert and Reema married in a hurry. Their love story started in Facebook. Robert lived in UK and Reema in Nepal. They talked a little bit online and didn’t know each other in person before making the final decision. They thought it will turn well but it didn’t as soon as they started living together.
  • Distance – Soon after marriage, Reema started working in her modelling assignments. Robert returned back to UK and started his work. Being a celebrity and iving in different continent is not easy. People might bring in different rumours and that can’t be easily be settled when you are far away.
  • Work – It is evident that Reema is a very busy model. In addition to working as a model she is also a talented emcee. She conducted the reality TV show, Nepal Idol, successfully. I believe Robert might have been quite busy in UK.
  • Importance to love – it seems both Robert and Reema were more focused in their work and forgot about the importance of love. One example is – they didn’t go to honeymoon. They donated the honeymoon budget to an organization.

There might be other reasons like extra-maritial affairs, shortcomings in one of them and others. But, whatever the reason might be, it is a sad news in the Nepali film industry.

I wish Robert’s relationship with Barsha will be better and they will be happy after the marriage. I also with Reem a finds a soulmate and get married soon.

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