Gauri Malla featured as the first female prime minister in Nepal

Nepal is yet to get its first female prime minister. In a television serial, Actress Gauri Malla has been featured as a Prime Minister. In the upcoming television serial titled ‘Singhdurbar’ Gauri is featured as the political leader who manages to be appointed in the top post in the country.

gauri malla and tshring in singhdurbar workshop

The serial being directed by Tsering Rhiter Sherpa features the hardship of being a female prime minister. The 13-part long television serial features Gauri in a character fighting for good governance, responsibility and leadership.

The serial is staged in a time after the constitution is finalized. The characters and the situation are based on the real current scenarios. The director presents an ideal condition for the betterment of the country and the society. Actress Malla is also happy by the role and expects the serial to take small-screen film making in new direction.

Gauri and Tsering had previously worked together in ‘Mukhundo’.

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