Happy Birthday Priyanka Karki

UPDATE: Priyanka Karki choose a new attire for the celebration from Subexya Bhadel. ‘Tito Satya’ actors Depak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula brought a surprise cake for the celebration of Priyanka’s birthday. (An audio profile is also attached at the end of this post)

priyanka karki surprise birthday cake

priyanka karki birthday girl buys a new dress

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February 27 is the birthday of actress Priyanka Karki. The actress turns 28-years-old on this Friday. Karki, Miss Teen 2005, was born 28 years ago on Shivaratri day.

priyanka karki

In addition to being a very good actress, Priyanka is a good dancer and choreographer. She has also explored a singer side of her personality and had performed in a few movie songs and performed live in Hong Kong.

Priynka started her career in entertainment industry right after winning Miss Teen. She worked in a number of Kantipur Television programs before heading to the USA for study. She got married in the USA and later divorced to get back to the entertainment industry. She debuted in Nepali film industry and never looked back.

On her birthday Nepaliactress.com wishes Priyanka all the best in her career.

An audio profile of Priyanka Karki on the occasion of her birthday:

priyanka karki (2)

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