Happy Mother's Day – Actresses remember their mothers

Actress Binita Baral shared her mother’s photo and saluted her mother.

binita baral mothers day message

Actress Gauri Malla wrote a sweet poem for her mother and shared it.

gauri malla mother day message

Gauri Malla’s poem for her mother (full text):

gauri malla mom

Actress Priyanka Karki said that her mother is her inspiration.

priyanka karki mother day message

Actress Rekha Thapa also shared today’s photos with her mother.

rekha thapa mothers day

Actress Saranga Shrestha also shared the photo of her mother and wrote a short poem.

saranga shrestha mothers day message

Actress Keki Adhikari expressed her mother to be her pride.

keki adhikari

Actress Harshika Shrestha remembered her mother and missed her. (Harshika’s mom is not alive)

harshika shrestha mother's day message

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