Nita Dhungana love history, even a teacher proposed her

Talking about her past love affairs, Nepali actress Nita Dhungana has revealed who had proposed her in past and what was her choice. Nita says that she used to consider herself the most beautiful girl in the world. She was a restless girl and good in studies.

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During her primary days, in grade 5 a boy named Pradeep liked her very much. He used to follow Nita everywhere and would write ‘Nita loves Pradeep’ and ‘Nita I love you’ on walls and blackboards. Nita didn’t like Pradeep and he wasn’t a good looking boy in the school. He was black and she was afraid of Pradeep. When he made her very uncomfortable with proposals she didn’t like to go to school and finally complained to the school authorities. The warning from the authorities stopped Pradeep from following her.

Nita used to get love letters and proposals from the boys out of her school. But, none appealed to Nita.

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In grade 7, Nita liked a smart boy who was also the first boy in the class. Nita proposed herself and the boy accepted it instantly. But, the love story didn’t last more than a year. In grade 8 he went to another school and the love story ended abruptly.

In grade 10 a teacher used to like her very much. He used to guide her through every problem and would give a good marks in exam. Nita also used to like the teacher at that time. But, he was very old. Although he proposed Nita when she was doing her grade 11, Nita refused it and the affair also ended.

In college, Nita got a lot of proposals but, she didn’t find anybody appealing. She hasn’t met her dream prince yet. Are you prince enough?

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