Nisha Adhikari responds to Republica's false report

In response to a false new about the death of the Nisha Adhikari‘s Sherpa guide, Nisha has written a long response.

republica news

Nisha’s response:

Dear all
I was shocked to see republica s news…a daily newspaper can be this irresponsible and can’t even report someone’s demise in a more factual manner is depressing. Actual news; We faced the sad demise of Lopsang Sherpa few days back. We are still mourning for him. Every climber gets a sherpa each. Mine is Zangmu who is in good health and is also the one who holds the record for being topless on the top of the world for 4 min and 45 sec. Arjun dai has a different sherpa who is perfectly fine…but these facts mean nothing to the gossip creators as long as they have news in their hands…but creating gossip out of someone’s death is highly unethical.

Sherpas have a tough life in the mountains. They work day and night for us and our safety…carrying loads to such high altitudes…food, tents, drink and anything needful for the climbers…they open up routes, fix ropes and life here without them is impossible. How can a daily newspaper shamefully not even make an effort to communicate with us properly and write random news?. I wonder what impact it will have on my parents and loved ones and that of Arjun dai’s alike.

Sagarmatha claims lives each year…4 of our dear friends have lost their lives already this year. More deaths are inevitable during the final summit…It can be anyone…we all are waiting for the weather windows right now. Death news and talks have become the daily dose and one false step and you are gone. Lopsang offered me his walking stick while climbing to camp 1 and told me firmly not to loose it. All I have of him now is the stick!!! It is with deeepest regret that I am posting this…Shame on all the news reporters and editorials who dont make an effort to bring forth the complete truth to the public!!! I want answers from them once and if I ever reach KTM!!!!


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nisha adhikari climbing everest

Photo credit – Nisha Adhikari.

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