Harshika Shrestha spoke on last year’s rumor, was she found naked?

In January 2014, during the NEFTA film award ceremony held in Malaysia, there was a rumor of Harishika found naked. Harshika however didn’t talk about he issue at that time.

harshika shrestha sexy lehanga

After half-a-year, Harshika has opened her mouth on the issue saying that the rumor was started by one of the film industry person. She accused the unknown person, possibly an actress, to start a false rumor because of a personal ego issue.

In an interview, Harshika told that media shouldn’t make news on a statement of a person without making a cross-check. He also told, she doesn’t believe in making big issues on such a minor things.

Watch the interview video:

Another video of Harshika talking about her accident:

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