Jharana Thapa smoking in Shisha Bar

Nepali actress Jharana Thapa shared some of her photos smoking Hukkah (Shisha). Such types of restaurants (Shisha Bars) are new trends in town. 

Jharana thapa smoking hukka (1)

I am not sure if these photos are posted for the promotion of the restaurant or she wanted to share some of her fun moments. Whatever might be the case, inhaling smoke should have some bad side effects in one’s health and celebrities shouldn’t be promoting smoking.

The government has banned smoking in public places (at least in paper) but, it is yet to be known if restaurants are considered public places or not.  

Jharana thapa smoking hukka (2)

Jharana thapa smoking hukka (3)

Jharana thapa smoking hukka (4)

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