Karishma Manandhar, a successful actress but an unsuccessful producer

Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar is one of the most successful actress. One of the most beautiful actress is also termed the evergreen-actress of the Nepali film industry. Although she was successful as an actress, she wasn’t that successful as a film maker.

Karishma has produced three movies so far. The first movie was average. Next two movies were failure. The failure of the high-budget second movie ‘Babu Saheb’ was so shocking to Karishma that she left country and went to the USA. She lived in the USA for few years, got Green Card and then she returned back a few years ago. Karishma’s struggle to get back into acting hasn’t been that fruitful after her comeback from the USA.

These days, Karishma is involved in a new political party, Naya Shakti. She is one of the influential person in the party by ex-prime minister, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai.

An interview by Mazzako

Karishma is told to be planning to produce a movie in which she is planning to debut as a director. She has reportedly is planning to introduce her daughter, Kabita Manandhar, in the film industry. Now the question is, will Karishma be successful as a director ?

In my analysis, she is not that good in producing movies, so, if she wants to be successful as a director, she has to find a successful producer. Using that strategy, she will save herself and her daughter from yet another failure.


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