Pooja Sharma liberal exposures

The dress Pooja Sharma wore during the LG Film award had surprised many. The dress was open in the front, showing a good deal of skin. That was not all, the bottom part was also split a long way up. Pooja has been quite liberal in showing off lately. In an event held a few days ago, Pooja’s skirt did nothing to hide her long legs.

Those were the hot ones. Let me start with the milder version of Pooja’s attire. The following photo was shared by Pooja at the time of the writing of this post. Pooja is currently in Dubai for a program.


Going back to LG Film award ceremony – the following photo shows Pooja walking towards stage to hug Pradeep Khadka. Pradeep doesn’t seem much receptive. But, he later responded to Pooja’s action. The video following the photo give a clear picture of what had happened in the stage.


In the photo and the video, the front view of Pooja is not that much clear. The following photo taken from the front, by a Kantipur journalist give a clear picture of Pooja’s smile.


And, the bold photos of Pooja in a different event:


What do you say about the choice of Pooja Sharma dress up?

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