Karishma Manandhar arrived in Qatar for cultural program

Actress Karishma Manandhar has arrived at Qatar for the New Year program to be held on December 18.

karishma manandhar in doha qatar

We talked about Karishma’s dilemma on whether to attend the program or not when she knew about the surprise arrival of her daughter from the USA on December 17. The day is also the birthday of her daughter Kabita Manandhar. Karishma finally decided to keep her promise with heavy heart and left for the Arab country on the day Kabita arrived home. 

Earlier today, Karishma shared a sad photo of her on her way to Qatar.

karishma manandhar flying to qatar

Karishma will return back to Nepal right after the program on December 18.

Photo credit – Mahendra Bd. Tamang and Karishma Manandhar

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