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A beautiful model Sagun Shahi was taking dance training in Surkhet when she was selected to be featured in the movie ‘Dhuwani’ during the audition held there. The director Pitembar Pandey is credited for giving her a break in his movie ‘Dhuwani’ last year.

An introduction video:

sagun shahi - hot

Sagun hadn’t expected she would get a leading role in a movie so fast. After the completion of the movie, Sagun expected to get roles in other movies and moved to Kathmandu. But, Sagun’s debut movie ‘Dhuwani’ flopped and she couldn’t get roles in other movies.

When she couldn’t get any opportunities in movies she it wasn’t easy to cover the cost of living in Kathmandu. It was tough to cover the cost of living in the costly city. She also started dancing in lok-dohori restaurants to cover the cost of living. The profession paid enough to pay the rent and other costs. Apart from dancing she is also featured in numerous music videos.

These days, Sagun is also featured in a television serial ‘Bhadragol’. She however is still waiting for another opportunity to be featured in a movie.

Sagun Shahi profile :

  • Name – Sagun Shahi
  • Hometown – Surkhet
  • Debut movie – Dhuwani
  • Featured in – movie, music video, television serial

Update (June 2, 2015) – There was a rumour about Sagun Shahi dancing in dance bars in Dubai. That was before she became popular as a music video model. These days, she is very busy in modelling in music videos. In addition to music videos, she is also featured in an upcoming movie ‘Afno Manche’. She is also featured in an item dance of director Raju Giri’s movie ‘Tiger, the Real Hero’ when actress Sushma Karki didn’t show up in the shooting of the item song.


  • Dhuwani – 2013 (watch ‘Dhuwani’ in xnepali)
  • Tiger – The Real Hero – 2014 (item dance)
  • Afno Manche (expected in 2015)

A video of modelling shoot:

Hot photos of Sagun Shahi

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sagun shahi wet

sagun shahi hot - red one piece

Update History:
June 2, 2015 – updates on current status.

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