Milan Chams feels betrayed by Hasiya lead Hema Shrestha

The director of upcoming movie ‘Hasiya’, Milan Chams has felt betrayed when the lead actress Hema Shrestha couldn’t participate in the promotion of the movie. In a press meet organized in Kathmandu, Milan told that he had invested 8 months of training to Hema in preparation of the movie.

priyanka karki and Hema shrestha in hasiya item dance

He told, Hema was trained in dance, fight, swimming and driving before the shooting of the movie. But, at the time of the release of the movie Hema is in Abu Dhabi in an Airhostess Training.

Chams told, "I made her my sister and promised to establish her in the movie industry. But, even before the release of the movie she has left the field to take another profession." The director told that it was not the first time actresses had betrayed him. He joked , "I won’t be making any more sisters. I would make girlfriends instead."

‘Hasiya’ features and Hema Shrestha in lead roles. A martial arts player, Hema has used all of her skills in the action movie. Actress Priyanka Karki is in a cameo role in an item dance.

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  1. Between these two women, Priyanka Karki is the hottest and the most watchful. I even love the way when she dances as well as poses herself in front of a camera. Her smile also attracts me a lot if I have to be honest. She’s such a woman who knows how to become glamorous among other women. She has come a long way when it comes to modelling. Well she also has the chance to attain similar amount of success even in her film career if she uses her effort at maximum and equally believes in her luck.

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