Priyanka Karki loves to show off her strength by carrying people

Last time Priyanka Karki carried actor Dayahang Rai as if he were an easy pick. That was during the photoshot of the promo of ‘Jholey’.  Priyanka did that again at the sets of ‘Fanko’. This time it was actress Keki Adhikari who was carried by Priyanka.

priyanka carries keki adhikari in fanko sets

It seems, Priyanka is fond of showing off her strength by carrying people (and taking photos to share with the world.) It’s the same mischievous smile Priyanka wears in the photo above and below.

jhole priyanka and dayahang

The ‘Fanko’ crew is currently in Pokhara for the shooting. By observing the the photos shared by Priyanka, one can easily guess that she is having fun time in the city of lakes. And, the friendship between Keki and Priyanka is has flourished a lot these days. (we wrote about ‘Fanko’ earlier)

priyanka karki screaming in pokhara

Priyanka karki and keki adhikari fanko

Priyanka karki and keki adhikari fanko shooting in pokhara

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