Miruna Magar Biography (2022 update of Kabaddi 4 actress)

This is the 2022 update of Nepali actress Miruna Magar’s biography as her fifth Nepali movie, Kabbadi 4, released on May 27, 2022.

Video biography:

Miruna Magar Profile

  • Name – Miruna Magar
  • Hometown – Dharan (till 13 years old)
  • Living in – London, UK
  • Birthday – July 18
  • Parents – Shashi Thapa Subba (mother), Dhan Magar (Father)
  • Education – MA International Development, BA Sociology – Brunel University
  • Debut movie – Lalpurja


  • Lalpurja – with Saugat Malla, Bipin Karki
  • Rose – with Pradeep Khadka, Pramita RL Rana
  • Saino – with Rajkumar, Nita Dhungana
  • Chachahui – with Aryan Sigdel, Maotse Gurung
  • Kabaddi 4 – with Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla
  • Jaari – with Dayahang Rai (unreleased as of May 2022)

Miruna acting career:

  • Miruna is inspired by her actress and writer mother. She learnt dancing in a very young age.
  • While living in Dharan, she participated in various stage shows and competition in her early childhood
  • After moving to UK at the age of 13 she started participating in programs held in various festivals and events. She used to dance and perform programs as an emcee.
  • In 2016 after graduation with a BA degree in sociology, she decided to fulfill her dreams of becoming an actress. She returned back to Nepal
  • By 2020 she had 4 movies under her credit. Although none of them were successful, she has shown her acting talent in those movies. She had teamed up with well known actors of Nepali film industry including Dayahang Rai, Pradeep Khadka,  Aryan Sigdel and others.
  • After lockdown, her first movie Kabaddi 4 is currently at the theater at the time of this writing – with good mouth publicity.

Miruna Magar’s Celebrity Mother

Miruna is the daughter of Shshi Thapa Subba – a well known actress of her time. Sashi was once popular as “Naina Devi” a character she played in a TV serial named ‘Jetho Chhoro’ by director Sunil Pokharel. In addition to that she was also featured in teh first Limbu movie named Tarewa.

Miruna with her mother Sashi:

Miruna’s mother’s acting career
Sashi started acting in 2041 BS (1984/85) in a play titled “Ganjedi Master”. She used to form local Deusi Bhailo group and go around dancing and singing in the community. The money collected by the program was used to do local theatrical plays. Singer Pabitra Subba, Bhuma Subba, Amrita Thapa were among the participants of the Deusi Bhailo group. In 2044 BS, Aanam Natya Group was established with the help of Nabin Subba. Actually, Miruna’s mother deserves a separate Nepali actress biography profile. A full detail about her acting career and current status will be shared in near future.
Here is a photo of Miruna’s mother’s in her youth:

Miruna magar

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