Monthly expense of Keki Adhikari

Nepali actress Keki Adhikari has used her income to buy a scooty and some stuffs in her room. In a month Keki needs Rs. 40,000 to cover her expenses.

kekis plays gotta -  a village girl

Breakdown of Keki’s expenses:

  • Fuel for her scooter – Rs. 4,000
  • Servicing charge – Rs. 3,000
  • Shoes and clothes – up to Rs. 20,000
  • Mobile bill – Rs. 3,000

keki adhikari_scooter

Keki doesn’t need to pay for her tuition and she doesn’t eat out much. So, these are the cost savings Keki has.

Keki’s income sources:

  • Acting in movies
  • Acting in music videos
  • Print and TV advertisements

In addition to these professional jobs, Keki goes to college regularly and also excels in her studies.

keki adhikari looks

(Note – This article is based on the data published by ‘Shukrabar’ weekly, April 5.)

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