Sarita Lamichhane, biography of the TV serial queen

Actress Sarita Lamichane debuted in Tulsi Ghimire’s TV serial ‘Mukti’. That was after getting married to director Rishi Lamichhane at the age of 18. Sarita credits her husband Rishi for his help in her acting career.

Sarita says, “My husband has positive attitude toward everything. While others discourage their wives to work in movies, my husband introduced in them. May be, he saw the colorful side of the sector.”

sarita lamichchane 4

Sarita gave birth to a daughter after 11 years of marriage. The daughter, Samriddhi, is 8-years-old now and is studying in grade 2. Sarita and Rishi had planned the birth and her upbringing. Sarita took a 5-years-long break from acting to tend her daughter.

Sarita Lamichane profile

  • Name – Sarita Lamichane
  • Maiden Name – Sarita Pandey
  • Birthday – Mangsir 9 (November 24)
  • Birth place – Garmadi VDC, Jhapa
  • Age – 36 years old (on 2015)
  • Education – Bachelors (Padma Kanya College)
  • Debut Television serial – Mukti (by Tulsi Ghimire)
  • Married to – Rishi Lamichane (film director)
  • Children – Samriddhi Lamichane (1 daughter)

After SLC in 2051 BS Sarita was working in Nepal Bio Electric Company. The company manufactured micro-transformers. As a senior technician, she had to check things in microscope. Because of the nature of the job, she grew back pain and after her marriage to Rishi in 2056 BS, he asked her to leave the job. In 2056 BS Rishi told Sarita to meet Tulsi Ghimire as he was looking for a new artist in his television serial. That is how she started acting in her debut serial ‘Mukti’. Even before  Tulsi met Sarita, the name of the character in the serial was Sarita. The 20-parts long serial established Sarita as the leading figure in the television serials.

Sarita made the big screen debut in ‘Santan ko Maya’ under Kishor Jha’s direction in 2058 BS.  After that she didn’t work in any movies until the 2068 BS movie ‘Shreeman Shreemati’, under her husband Rishi’s direction. After that she worked in guest role in ‘Hawaldar Suntali’.

Happy Birthday Sarita

This post is written on the 36th birthday of Sarita – on November 25, 2015. The team wishes Sarita a very happy birthday and wish her a successful comeback in television serials.

Sarita was taking a break from her acting career for the last five years. She was more focused on being a responsible mother to her daughter. Now, as the daughter is big enough, Sarita is planning to return with a new television serial.

Sarita Lamichhane photos

Historical photos: Childhood photos of Sarita Lamichhane:

sarita lamichhane childhood photo

sarita lamichhane with her friend prabha

Sarita Lamichhane (right) with her friend Prabha (on the left).

sarita and rishi

Rishi with Sarita at the time they got married – at around 1997

sarita lamichhane and rishi lamichhane

A recent photo of Sarita with Rishi — Taken in 2013.

sarita lamichhana with her husband rishi and daughter

Sarita with her daughter and husband.

sarita lamichhane mother

Sarita’s mother, Meera Pandey.

sarita lamichhane with her guru tulsi ghimire

Sarita with Tulsi Ghimire. She considers Tulsi her guru.

sarita lamichhane with shree krishna shrestha

Sarita with late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha

sarita lamichhane 1

sarita lamichhane hot

sarita lamichhane


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