Namrata Shrestha sings in Soul Sister

In the upcoming thriller movie produced by actress Namrata Shrestha, she is performing three different roles – an actress, a singer, and a producer. Scheduled to release on January 15, 2015 the film ‘Soul Sister’ features Namrata with Rajesh Hamal, Raveena Deshraj Shrestha and Deepak Sharma in main roles.

namrata shrestha

One of the songs  in the film has Namrata’s voice. The song titled ‘Bistari Bistari …’ originally recorded by Rohit John Chhetri features Namrata in the video and audio.

The film ‘Soul Sister’ is produced by Namrata’s company Highly High. Namrata’s ex-lover Prem Ghale was spotted in the program organized to announce the release of the film indicating a patch-up of them.

Watch the video:

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