Nisha Adhikari goes bald in the USA

UPDATE: Nisha has told that she is going to donate her hair for the kids with cancer. There are charity organization that donate custom made wigs to kids who undergo chemotherapy like locks of love. We had also written about Saranga donating her hair to Lock of Love. Unlike Nisha, Saranga had only made her hair short.

Once in the USA, it seems actress Nisha Adhikari has felt liberated and free. She has cut her hair short and shared it in Facebook with tags like ‘my life my way’, liberation, bald and beautiful (almost), loving it, short hair, and did it.

nisha adhikari short hair in usa

To summarize, Nisha have been wanting to cut her hair short for a long time. Because of her celebrity status in Nepal she didn’t have the courage to do it at home. Once in the USA, Nisha finally make her hair short – extremely short, almost bald and feel liberated. Now, she has a feeling of living her life her way.

What do you think of the short hair of Nisha?

nisha adhikari short hair 1

nisha adhikari with hair

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