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Actress Nandita KC started acting when she got an opportunity to act in a local video film titled ‘Yo Kasto Maya’ in Butawal. At that time she had just completed her plus 2 examination and was planning to start higher studies in nursing. After completing the film she went to Kathmandu and started dance training. When she got the break in ‘Indreni’, she was too busy to look back and continue studies.

Nandita’s video profile and her bad and good habits according to her co-artist Dilip Rayamajhi (video):

In her free time Nandita likes to dance, write stories and travel to places. She also enjoys having fun with her family.

nandita kc in national film award

Nandita’s favourite actor is Mithila Sharma, favourite film ‘Bato Muniko Film’, favorite books are ‘Jiwan Kanda ki Phool’ and ‘Guru of Love’, in leaders she likes Gagan Thapa and considers her mother Chetana KC and her sister Sajana KC her closest friends.

Actress Profile

  • Name – Nandita KC
  • Real name – Shova KC
  • Date of birth – 15 October September 21
  • Hometown- Arghakhachi
  • Education – Plus 2
  • Zodiac sign  – Aquarius (Kumbha)
  • Debut – Indreni (Big screen cinema), Darshan Jindagiko (Television serial), Sannani (music video)


Note: This list might not be complete.

  • Chanke Panke
  • Babari
  • Logne Manche (2015)
  • Parai
  • Malatiko Bhattai
  • Bato Muniko Phool
  • Jindagani Darpan Chhaya
  • Ma Maya Garchu Timilai
  • Bhagawan Sabaiko
  • Hami Teen Bhai
  • Timi Matra Timi
  • Nishana
  • Bashama Chaina Yo Man
  • Trishul
  • Bharosha
  • Naya Nepal
  • Yuddha
  • Takdir
  • Janayuddha
  • Basanta Ritu
  • The Yug Dekhi Yugsamma
  • Karmako Phal
  • Kabardar
  • Tirkha
  • Maya Nagara
  • Mrigatrishna
  • Sapana
  • Indreni

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Nandita KC talks about sexual needs

Nepali actress Nandita KC recently had an interview with the journalists of Saptahik.  In a question about her sexual needs and marriage age, Nepali actress Nandita KC told that is a cold person. Since her childhood, Nandita thought sex and sexual matters were like odd things to her. So, she has not desire to experiment with it before she gets married. She added, she wants the virginity to be her gift to her husband.

About getting married, she has no immediate plan and would like to wait for 2-3 more years before getting married.

nandita kc traditional dress

Although she had done scenes of getting married in screen, she has no desire to get married soon. She claims that she hasn’t done any bed scenes in movies.

About the desire to be a mother, Nandita says that she would love to have a child of her own. When asked if it is getting late, Nandita cited the age of Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai who had became a mother at 40.

Europe tour

Nandita KC also told that she is going for a month-long Europe tour on July 29, 2013. After remaining out of movies for some time, she hasn’t signed up any more movies in the recent time. (updated – the Europe tour news)

Skin problem

In the interview, Nandiata told that she had a skin problem and doctor told her not to go out in sun. In addition, the doctor had also told her not to wear makeup for six months. Although she didn’t do any movies in that time, she had continued doing music videos and advertisements. Nandita is also planning to start a business.

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Dashain Special – Nandita KC

As usual, Actress Nandita KC goes to her home in Arghakhachi to celebrate Dashain. Nandita loves Dashain gets excited when talking about the festival.

nandita kc in film award

‘I like the Dashain tika on my forehead and Jamara on my hair. I also like the blessings from my elders,” says Nandita. One thing Nandita doesn’t like about the festival is animal sacrifices in homes and temples in the name of the festival. Nandita clarifies her concern, “Even if the tradition is age old, killing something to celebrate is not good.”

Nandita has set aside Rs. 15,000 to spend in Dashain. Given the inflation, the amount is not a big sum. She says that she will spend all on it in clothes. While in Europe earlier this year, Nandita had bought enough clothes so, she is not shopping much.

Nandita KC wishes all the readers a very happy Dashain and asks not to kill innocent animals to celebrate the festival.


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Nandita KC and Garima Pant

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