Neeta Dhungana talks about her affair and marriage plans (video)

It is no secret that actress Neeta Dhungana is seeing her co-artist Amesh Bhandari for some time. In an interview, Neeta has revealed that the affair had been going on for the last three years. During the shooting of the movie ‘Ta Ma ra U’ Neeta and Amesh acted as if they don’t know each other.

neeta dhungana interview

But, when it came to ‘Fulai Phool Ko Mausam Timilai’, Neeta choose to reveal the truth. She also told that their attempt to get married earlier was met with some uninvited sorrows. Now, Neeta and Amesh have decided to wait for a while for their career development before getting married.

Neeta has told that Amesh Bhattarai is a good singer and music composer. Before starting acting, he was busy in music field and helping his father in their family business.

Watch the following video to know about the start of their affair and their future plans:

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