Biography of Anuska Dhakal

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Anuska Dhakal was debuted in Nepali movie industry by director Deepak Shrestha in his 2012 Nepali movie ‘Majboor’ with action actor Biraj Bhatt. She is a well known face in music video and Nepali modeling sector.

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Before jumping into acting, she was an active model working for UFO Fashion, Jasmin Oil, Magic Chappal, Shaktman 2 Ciment, 4D Cinema and others. She had also acted in music videos including ‘Basana’, ‘The Life’, ‘Feri Timro Yaad Aaayo’ etc.

Anuska is known for ‘zero figure’, ‘sexy figure’ and cute face.

Personal Profile of Anuska Dhakal

  • Actress – Anuska Dhakal
  • Birthday –    May 24, 1985 (not confirmed)
  • Home Town – Jhapa, Topgachi-6
  • Education – +2 from Damak Multiple Campus


Filmography of Anuska Dhakal

Anuska has annouced retirement from acting in a fairly initial stage of her acting career. Read the details of her announcement in the next section.

  • Man Parepachi
  • Majboor
  • Plan

Anuska’s movie Majboor is available here.

Retirement Announcement

Anuska had announced the retirement from Nepali movie industry a few months before she got married. Although she expressed dis-satisfaction on the pay scale in the movie industry and told that she wanted to concentrate on her studies, the real reason of her retirement is suspected to be the marriage.

Anuska Dhakal Marriage

(Update: A person claiming to be her husband has posted a comment asking to remove these photos (see comment). But, when I tried to reach her in person to validate the claim, she couldn’t be reached. Based on the comment, it is her true husband, the marriage seem to be in trouble. If not, it is just another fan who is not happy by Anuska’s marriage.)

Anuska got married on Mangsir 22, 2068 to an US resident Nepali, originally from Butwal. The news of marriage and engagement was revealed after she posted the photos in her Facebook profile.

It seems, Anuska is divorced. So, I have removed the photos on request.

Anuska Dhakal Business

In partnership with another actress Sirjana Basnet, Anuska had started a beauty parlor – ‘Plus Beauty Parlor and Training Center’ in Gemini Supermarket, Boudha. The beauty parlour established with an investment of about Rs. 2 million was inaugurated by director Naresh Poudel, actor Sunil Thapa and actress Melina Manandhar on Ashwin 2, 2068. In addition to Anuska and Sirjana, beautician Laxmi Shrestha had also invested in the business.

Anuska had received training from her sister’s beauty parlor before starting the business. She had told that the business was a part-time work and she had no intention to leave the movie industry (that was, a few months before she announced her retirement).

The fate of business after Anuska’s marriage is not known.

Hot Photos of Anushka Dhakal

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