Ashishma Nakarmi Biography | Biography of Tori Lahure actress

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New Nepali actress Ashishma Nakarmi debuted in ‘Antaral’ as an actress. After that she has done ‘Six Feet Life’ and ‘Tori Lahure’. Apart from acting in movies, Ashishma is also known for her modeling in music videos. Ashishma is also a well known actress in Newari movies.

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Actress profile

  • Name – Ashishma Nakarmi
  • Debut movie – Antaral
  • Attractive actors – Jiwan Luitel and Aryan Sigdel.
  • Good male actors – Gajit Bista and Subhash Thapa
  • Interesting roles – She wants to represent youth.

Ashishma’s mother, Asha, is a great fan of actress Karishma Manandhar. So, she had chosen the name joining her name, Asha and Karishma  to form Ashishma. Asha + Karishma = Ashisma.

Ashisma fell in love at grade 11. The affair lasted for six years. These days, she likes a guy but hasn’t gathered courage to ask him out.

Ashisma wants to do a movie like a Bollywood movie ‘The Dirty Pictures’.


  • Antaral
  • Six feet life
  • Tori Lahure
  • Panvati (Newa movie, guest artist)
  • Adhakatti
  • Bato Muniko Phool 2
  • Shree 5 Ambare
  • Love You Baba
  • Buddha Born in Nepal
  • Lakhe Bhaju (2018)
  • Sanrakshyan


Marriage – Ashishma Nakarmi is getting married in 2018 with Nabin Chandra Pradhan. A charted Accountant by profession, Nabin is reportedly living in the USA. The marriage is scheduled for Falgun 28, 2074 BS.
Production debut – Ashishma had announced the production of a movie titled ‘Lakhe Bhaju’, a Newari language movie. Ashishma loves her mother tongue, Newar language. That is why she is featured in a lot of Newa language films and music videos. She is also the host of Newa TV shows. One of the reasons she told she agreed to marry Nabin was because he is a Newar.

Hot Photos of Ashishma Nakarmi

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– March 10, 2018 – Marriage and Lakhe Bhaju film update. Filmography updated

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  1. One of the hottest and the most watchful models of the country, Ashishma is also the one who can become a well-known actress in Nepalese film industry like she is currently in Nepal Bhasa movie industry. What she needs to do at present is use all her efforts in order to achieve the desired success in her life.

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