Nepali Actress in theater (F.F.) – Jiya KC, Soniya Sharma and Sabina Karki

This week the hottest and the most controversial movie in Nepali movie history, ‘ATM‘ was released in theater. Three actresses Jiya KC, Sonia Sharma and Sabina Karki made news when they spoke excessively vulgar dialogues and acted in hot scenes in the movie. They were highly criticized and the movie was rejected by the censor board. After reshooting and editing, the movie was cleared to screen in theater. But, after the movie was screened in theater, the censor board found that some of the censored scenes in the movie weren’t removed. So, the movie was banned from theaters after it’s second show in 2012.

jiya kc with dinesh thapa

The lead actor and the producer Dinesh Thapa went to the court against the government’s decision to ban the movie. After the court’s decision that the film was not bad for public, it is released for the second time on July 26.

Actress Jiya KC had acted in other movies before doing ‘ATM’ but, no other movies had helped her to gain as much as the popularity she got from the single movie. She had always stated that the movie is decent enough and hadn’t regretted in doing the movie.

sabina karki and dinesh in ATM shooting

Two other lead actress of the movie Sabina Karki and Sonia Sharma however regretted in doing such a low grade movie as ‘ATM’. They promised to do decent movies in the future and aren’t featured in similar movies after that. But, Jiya has done more movies like ‘ATM’ and had also claimed that her other movies feature her in worst scenes.

After excessive publicity created by the controversies, the movie had a great release with houseful movie theaters on Friday, July 26.

soniya sharma

Sonia Sharma in an ‘ATM’ promo photo

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