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UPDATE December 2017: Jal Shah’s mother, Prema Shah had died in the USA on December 20, 2017. More in xnepali.

Actress Jal Shah was one of the most popular actress in the second half of 1990s and the first half of 2000s until she got married and left Nepal to live in the USA.

jal shah_0

Jal Shah started her acting career in a religious movie named “Shree Swasthani” in 1994 in a short role. Jal debuted as a commercial actress in 1996 movie, “Avatar” with actors Rajesh Hamal and Gauri Malla. The movie was directed by Prakash Sayami.

After that she acted in about 50 Nepali feature films in her more than a decade-long acting career. Some of the noted movies of Jal Shah are “Thuldai” (1998) opposite to actor Shiva Shrestha.

Actress Profile

  • Jal Shah_belly buttonName – Jal Shah
  • Birthday
  • First movie – Shree Swasthani (1994)
  • First commercial movie – Avatar (1996)
  • Married to  – Sarad Kumar Rimal


Note – the list is not complete – please suggest other movies of Jal Shah in the comment.

  • Shree Swasthani (1994)
  • Avatar (1996)
  • Ishwor (1997)
  • Paraai Ghar (1997)
  • Shankar (1997)
  • Thuldai (1998)
  • Ek Number ko Pakhe (1999)
  • Nata Ragat Ko (1999)
  • Nepal Pyaro Chha (2000)
  • Aashirbad (2001)
  • Badal Paree(2001)
  • Yo Mayako Sagar (2001)
  • Buhari (2001)
  • Sanyas (2002)
  • Je Bho Ramrai Bho (2003)
  • Jetho Kancho (2003)

Latest photo of Jal Shah (December, 2012)


jal shah_airport

Old photos:

jal shah - saree smile

jal shah - film scene

jal shah looks

Jal Shah Childhood Photos:


When Jal Shah was 9 months old

jal shah - 5 year old -childhood

5-year-old Jal Shah

Karishma_saranga-jal shah_2008-9

Jal Shah with Karishma Manandhar, Saranga Shrestha and …. in USA – some time in 2008/09

jal shah in car 2

Jal shah _in car 1

Jal Shah with her daughter Kalash (a January 2010 photo):

jal shah_

A much recent photo of Jal’s daughter (late 2012)


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