Jiya KC, Biography of hot actress of ATM fame

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Actress Jiya KC was made popular by the controversial movie ATM. The movie created a huge negative publicity after the release of a trailer full of vulgar words and hot scenes. The censor board rejected the movie asking the film maker to remove almost one fifth of the movie. The fate of the movie was in question when majority of the content was found to be unsuitable for public release. The movie was reshot and released but, it was banned immediately after some of the rejected scenes were still shown in the theaters.

jiya kc_item_dance shooting

Actress Jiya KC is known for her boldness in films, photo sessions and interviews. She also made headlines over her so-called affair with actor Bhuwan KC. Bhuwan denied such an affair but Jiya told that she loves Bhuwan but, it wasn’t an affair.

Jiya debuted in Nepali movie inudstry in ‘Ho Yehi Maya Ho’, but it was only ‘ATM’ and hot scenes in it that made her popular.

Actress Profile

  • Name – Jiya KC
  • Date of birth –
  • Hometown –


Although Jiya has told that she had done more than 15 movies, here are some of the well known movies of the actress.

  • Ho Yahi Maya Ho (Debut)
  • ATM (Any Time Masti)
  • Agnisakchi
  • Gigolo
  • Barbad
  • Danak

Hot Photos of Jiya KC

We had previously posted some hot photos of Jiya from the photo session for her upcoming movie ‘Barbad’. More photos follow:

jiya kc_atmjiya kc - one picesjiya kc gown

jiya kc _shooting

jiya kc item dance shooting


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