Rekha Thapa went to USA

Top actress of Nepali movie industry, Rekha Thapa, has gone to the USA to participate in cultural program ‘Namaste America’ on Jan 23.

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Rekha was seeking to head the Film Development Board and had been trying to woo PM Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda. But, her effort wasn’t successful as some film personalities protested Rekha for the post. Some believe, Rekha wanted to get fresh by going to USA after the failure.

There is a very bad trend of Nepali artists not to return back once they enter USA. It seems like a very good timing if she decide to stay in USA given the following few condition:

  • Problem in relationship with husband Chhabi Raj Ojha
  • Although she is still the number one actress, there are high chance that she can’t maintain the position.
  • Nepali films are not doing well and the business is not that charming.

But, let’s hope Rekha will return back.

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